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Z’yon Person was killed on Aug. 18, 2019, around 9 p.m. while riding in a car with his family along North Duke and Leon streets to get snow cones, an official with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Greensboro previously told CBS 17.


Z’yon Person was nine years old.


Two North Carolina men learned this week that they’d be spending the rest of their lives in federal prison for the 2019 killing of 9-year-old Z’yon Person.

According to a statement from the Department of Justice, the life sentences were meted out Tuesday to 27-year-old Antonio Nathaniel Davenport, Jr., and Derrick Lamont Dixon, Jr., 30.

The statement says both were members of the Eight Trey Gangster Crips criminal street gang.

“Davenport was also a member of the Durham-based rap music group ’83 Babies,’ so named for the ‘Eight Trey’ Gangster Crips,” the statement continues. “The rap group promoted the gang, rapping about gang life, gun violence, and drug distribution.”

The statement alleges that Z’yon was killed when Davenport — seeking revenge against a rival gang whose members had assaulted him days earlier — mistook the car he was being driven in for the vehicle owned by one of his attackers.

At the time of his murder, Z’yon was riding in his aunt’s car with four other children in North Durham.

The statement says all six were on their way to get snow cones.

“Davenport followed the car down Leon Street to the intersection at North Duke Street and slowed as he passed,” explains the statement. “He and Dixon opened fire on the car, discharging at least five 9mm rounds and seventeen .40 calibre rounds, hitting the car multiple times.”

Two bullets struck Z’yon in the head, instantly killing him.

Z’yon’s 8-year-old cousin, seated next to him, was also struck by gunfire in the arm.

“At the time, Davenport was wearing a court-ordered ankle monitor because of pending domestic violence charges,” the statement adds.

The location data placed him at the murder scene and Dixon’s home before and after the shooting.

“A surveillance camera at a middle school captured Davenport’s Honda as it followed the victims’ car immediately before the shooting,” the statement notes. “Shortly after the murder, Davenport paid to paint his car black. Investigators recovered a 9mm handgun from Davenport’s girlfriend’s car, and forensic firearms examination linked the handgun to the murder.”

Dixon pleaded guilty on May 11, 2021, to conspiracy to engage in acts of racketeering and commission of a violent crime which is murder, in aid of racketeering.

A jury found Davenport guilty of federal murder, gun, and racketeering charges in July.

“Many Durham County residents have cried out for justice in this case since the senseless and tragic murder of Z’yon Person happened in 2019,” said Durham County Sheriff Clarence Birkhead.

“Here we are, three years later, and justice has been served — with the intervention of federal authorities to charge, successfully prosecute, and sentence both Antonio Davenport and Derrick Dixon,” he added. “It sends a clear signal to those who continue committing the gun violence terrorizing our communities — we will identify you, and you will be held accountable.”

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