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Zeina Alostwani
Zeina Alostwani

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Zeina Alostwani the teacher of preschool and her colleague is facing criminal charges in Georgia for allegedly abusing children left in their care — all while parents watched in horror through a live video stream.


Zeina Alostwani is 40 years old.


Since their arrests on Monday, Zeina Alostwani and Soriana Briceno, 19, have both been dismissed from their positions at the Parker-Chase Preschool in Roswell.

Both women have been charged with first-degree cruelty to children. It was unclear Wednesday if either had appeared before a judge to enter pleas to those charges.

According to a statement, the Roswell Police were first contacted by a concerned parent on June 3 — a day after the alleged abuse.

“That parent-reported logging onto the camera system and seeing concerning physical contact between Alostwani and Briceno against several children in the classroom,” reads the statement.

In footage from the stream, provided to people, several students are seen sitting in a circle. Alostwani can be seen walking up behind one of them, and it appears she steps on the student’s hand.

She also appears to violently knee another child in the back.

Briceno can be seen in the footage on her knees, speaking closely to one child. She then appears to push the forehead of another child backward.
“As a result of the investigation into the actions contained in that video, both teachers were arrested,” reads the statement.

Additional alleged victims have since come forward.

Investigators are now skimming through weeks of footage, to see if additional charges are warranted.

It was unclear if either woman had a lawyer.

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