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The California dermatologist who allegedly poisoned her doctor husband has a long history of mistreating him and their two children — once yelling at the young kids to “go die,” her estranged spouse claimed.


Yue Yu is 45 years old.


CBS Los Angeles and ABC News reported Tuesday that dermatologist Yue Yu was arrested on August 4 following her husband, Jack Chen, accusation that she had poisoned him on multiple occasions using the powerful drain cleaner.

The couple has been married for ten years, according to a release from Irvine Police Department.

Police said the victim, who ABC and CBS identify as Chen, reported mounting suspicions that his wife was poisoning him after feeling ill for weeks. He then captured video evidence turned over to the police to support his claim.

“Just after 6 p.m., Irvine Police Detectives interviewed the suspect, 45-year-old Yue Yu, and served a search warrant at the home she shares with the victim,” the release explained. “Yu was arrested for poisoning her husband and booked at Orange County Jail.”
Police said that while the man had obtained “significant internal injuries,” he is expected to recover.

According to ABC News, Yu, who also goes by Emily, is the director of dermatology with Mission Heritage Medical Group who told the outlet in a statement, “This incident is a domestic matter which occurred in Irvine, and we want to reassure our community that there has been no impact on our patients.”

Yu was released on $30,000 bail following her arrest, ABC News’ Amy Robach said Wednesday morning on Good Morning America.

According to Robach, per court documents, Yu’s husband, Jack Chen, said he began to “notice a chemical taste” in his lemonade earlier this year and was subsequently diagnosed by a doctor with two stomach ulcers, gastritis, and esophagitis.

Screenshots of the footage he obtained were shown Wednesday morning on GMA’s broadcast and allegedly showed Yu pouring Drano into her husband’s drinks on three different occasions.
“This is an incredibly intimate way to commit a murder,” Chen’s lawyer, Steven Hittelman, told GMA. “She had to know what his routine was, what his preferences were. An organized, intimate, horrific way to murder someone.”

Chen has also filed for divorce against his wife, requested full custody of their two children, and accuses her of “yelling, insulting, verbally abusing, hitting, pushing, pulling, and being emotionally abusive” toward the kids, Robach said, citing documents.

Yu’s attorney told ABC that his client “absolutely and unequivocally denies ever having attempted to poison her husband or anyone else.” She also denied the abuse claims.

“We are very concerned that these false allegations are being used by her husband to gain an advantage in the divorce case against her that he has recently filed,” he said.

According to ABC News, a domestic violence temporary restraining order was filed on August 5 by Chen against his wife, both for himself and on behalf of the couple’s children. Robach said Wednesday that Yu’s next court appearance is set for November.

The Orange County District Attorney’s office told ABC News that they are reviewing the evidence to deduce what charges, if any, can be “proven beyond a reasonable doubt,” Robach said.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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