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Yasiel Puig Former Major League Baseball player has agreed to plead guilty to a federal charge for lying to law enforcement officials about sports bets he made with an illegal gambling operator, according to documents unsealed Monday by the Department of Justice.


Yasiel Puig is 31 years old.


Former Los Angeles Dodgers star Yasiel Puig agreed to plea guilty to a federal charge of lying to federal law enforcement officials about sports bets he played with an illegal gambling operation, the Justice Department said Monday, citing recently unsealed court documents.

Puig agreed to plead guilty to one count of making false statements, which carries a maximum of five years in federal prison. He also agreed to pay a $55,000 fine and will appear in court Tuesday.

The Justice Department said Puig started placing sports bets through a third party in May 2019. The third party was identified in court documents as “Agent 1.” The mysterious “Agent 1” worked on behalf of Wayne Joseph Nix, of Newport Coast, California, who ran the illegal gambling operation officials said.

Puig would call and send texts to “Agent 1” with wagers on games and the go-between would then submit the bets to Nix’s business. Puig owed the business $282,900 for losses, officials said. “Agent 1” and another person identified as “Individual B” directed Puig to write a check or make a wire transfer payable to a Nix gambling client, identified as “Individual A.” The business owed “Individual A” at least $200,000 in gambling winnings, officials said.

“On June 25, 2019, Puig withdrew $200,000 from a Bank of America branch in Glendale then purchased two cashiers’ checks for $100,000 each that were made payable to Individual A,” the Justice Department said in the news release. “Puig did not immediately send the checks due to a dispute over the balance and access to Nix-controlled websites used to place sports bets. Nix refused to allow Puig access to the betting websites until Puig’s gambling debt was paid.

“After Puig paid the $200,000, Nix provided Puig direct access to the betting websites. From July 4, 2019, to September 29, 2019, Puig placed 899 additional bets on tennis, football, and basketball games through the websites.”