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According to the Authorities said Williamson lived in Lenexa. He was involved in bombs and arson. Williamson was involved in the murder of  three-person named Dustin Johnson, 37, Mikey, 20, and Sara Beck, 22,


Williamson Was 37 years old.


On Tuesday, police executed a search warrant in Missouri in connection with a double murder-suicide on Sunday An investigation into the shooting in Lenexa, Kansas led. To home in Belton, Missouri. WDAF reported that bomb and arson units had to clear the residence as police had received information that materials to make explosives were located inside. Some days earlier where the officers responded to a home in Lenexa where they found one person dead and two injured people who later died from their injuries.That they believe Dustin Johnson, 37, fatally shot John “Mikey” Williamson, 20, and Sara Beck, 22, before turning the gun on himself.while Beck and Johnson were from Belton, Missouri. Police said Johnson and Beck were exes, while Williamson and Beck “had been seeing each other.”

Further, Lenexa police revealed that Johnson possibly planted a tracking device on Beck before Sunday’s shooting. Two vehicles, belonging to Beck and Johnson, were towed from the crime scene. They reported that Johnson’s car had a GPS tracking device on its exterior and four pipe bombs inside. Johnson reportedly had two handguns and a rifle when he somehow got into Willamson’s home. Citing police, Willamson’s family told that Johnson shot Willamson and Beck with the handguns because his rifle jammed.

according to Documents released on Wednesday stated that Johnson was discovered wearing a tactical vest and an empty holster on his belt. and he had to wear the second holster in his boot which contained a revolver.
Police are also investigating why the GPS tracker was found on Johnson’s car and Crime Lab is examining Beck and Johnson’s cellphones.


Willamson’s mother, who lived at the Lenexa home with her son, recalled being awakened by the sound of gunshots. She reportedly entered the room to find her son clinging to life.“He did this,” Willamson reportedly told his mother while pointing at Johnson’s body.

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