Who was Abigail Williams, Liberty German ? Bio, Wiki, Age, Murder

Abigail Williams
Liberty "libby" German and her friend Abigail Williams. Undated photo. credit: Courtesy Mike and Becky Patty

Abigail Williams, Liberty German Bio-Abigail Williams, Liberty German Wiki

Five years ago, in Delphi, Ind., two best friends, Abigail Williams, and Liberty German, was missing when they were hiking through the city’s historic trails. The next day, the twin girls were found murdered — likely by the strange man Liberty managed to record audio and video of with her smartphone. Some days After the police had been taken Liberty and Abigail”s phone showed a man on the trail, walking behind them and a brief audio clip of his voice was also pulled.


Two best friends, Abigail Williams, and Liberty German age were 13/14 years old.


Five years later, the investigation of the murders remains very much active, The authorities requested to the people forward with specific information on an individual who’s now behind the bars of an Indiana prison. Liberty’s sister, Kelsi German tells people anytime investigators release new information on the case, “that’s a new piece of hope, you could say. We are all hopeful that it means something, and we will be corporate continue to share the information to the police ask us to share.”


The police sketch of an unidentified man was also released. The unknown man has been suspect in the girls’ murders. Investigators want to speak to anyone who may have “communicated with, met, or attempted to meet” a man named Kegan Kline.


On Thursday, state and county authorities announced that investigators “continue to work diligently to bring this case to a close.”Authorities allege that Kline utilized a male model’s pictures to create an Instagram profile he then used to solicit nude images from young girls. Please provide any information as you possibly can,” the release urges. “For example, when you



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