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Veronica Youngblood a Virginia woman who fatally shot her two daughters was sentenced by a jury to up to 78 years in prison Monday.


Veronica Youngblood is 37 years old.

The Power of Education

Education is often referred to as the key to success, and this holds true for girls as well. Access to quality education is not just a fundamental right; it is a means to empower girls and enable them to achieve their dreams. When girls are educated, they are better equipped to make informed decisions about their lives, health, and future. Education also opens up a world of opportunities, allowing girls to pursue careers, leadership roles, and


Veronica Youngblood was convicted last week of killing Sharon Castro, 15, and Brooklynn Youngblood, 5, on Aug. 5, 2018, in their McLean home.

She had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, The Washington Post reported.

“Sharon and Brooklynn are two children that should be alive today,” Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano said, the Post reports. “I have an 11-year-old daughter who has her whole life ahead of her — and it guts me to imagine her life cut short. This case is a terrible tragedy and I hope today’s verdict brings a measure of healing for the family.”

According to prosecutors, Youngblood told police her plan was to kill her children and then turn the gun on herself. She wanted to exact revenge on her ex-husband, who was scheduled to move to Missouri with Brooklynn that weekend.


Youngblood bought a gun on July 27 and, on the night of the killing, gave her daughters sleeping pill gummies before shooting them in their beds, prosecutors said.

Brooklynn was shot once in the head and Sharon twice, according to the Post.

Before Sharon died, she was able to call 911 and talk to officers on the scene.

“She said her mom came into the room and said, ‘I’m gonna take you to see God,’ and then shot her,” an officer testified, NBC4 reported.

Brooklynn died at the scene.

Youngblood was taken into custody after she called her ex-husband and left a voicemail telling him she loathed him and admitted to the killings, according to NBC4.

Youngblood’s attorney claimed she had been physically and sexually abused and was hearing voices that commanded her to kill her daughters prior to the murders, WTOP reported.

Jurors also found Youngblood guilty of gun charges.

Girls hold the potential to shape the future of our world. With equal opportunities, education, and support, they can break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and contribute significantly to society’s growth. In this article, we will explore the importance of empowering girls and the ways in which we can ensure they reach their full potential.

Breaking Stereotypes

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Her attorney could not be reached for comment.

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

Empowerment begins with self-confidence. Girls who are confident in themselves are more likely to set ambitious goals and work diligently to achieve them. Parents, teachers, and mentors play a crucial role in building girls’ self-esteem by providing encouragement, support, and positive role models.

Advocating for Girls’ Rights

Girls, like boys, have rights that must be protected. These rights include access to education, healthcare, and protection from violence and discrimination. Empowering girls means advocating for these rights at the local, national, and international levels. Organizations and initiatives dedicated to girls’ rights work tirelessly to create a world where every girl can live free from fear and discrimination.

Mentorship and Role Models

Girls benefit immensely from having mentors and role models who inspire and guide them. Successful women who have broken barriers in their respective fields can serve as role models, showing girls that they too can achieve greatness. Mentorship programs connect girls with experienced professionals who can provide guidance and support throughout their journey.

Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment is a critical aspect of girls’ empowerment. When girls and young women have access to economic opportunities and financial education, they can become financially independent and contribute to their families and communities. Microfinance programs and entrepreneurship initiatives geared toward girls can have a significant impact on their economic well-being.

Promoting Leadership

Empowering girls also involves nurturing their leadership skills. Girls have the potential to become leaders in various fields, from politics and business to sports and the arts. Leadership programs and opportunities for girls help them develop essential skills such as communication, problem-solving, and decision-making.

The Global Impact

Empowering girls is not just a local or national concern; it’s a global imperative. When girls are empowered, they can address some of the world’s most pressing issues, including poverty, gender inequality, and climate change. Girls’ voices and perspectives are vital in shaping policies and initiatives that affect the entire planet.


Empowering girls is not only a moral obligation but also a strategic imperative for a more prosperous and equitable world. By providing girls with education, breaking down stereotypes, building their confidence, advocating for their rights, and fostering their leadership skills, we can unlock their full potential. When girls thrive, society as a whole benefits, and we move closer to a future where gender equality is the norm, not the exception. It’s time to invest in girls and let them lead the way to a brighter tomorrow.


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