Who was Trinity Ottoson-Smith? Bio, Wiki, Age, Murder

Trinity Ottoson-Smith
Trinity Ottoson-Smith

Trinity Ottoson-Smith Bio – Trinity Ottoson-Smith Wiki

A man has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for the fatal shooting of Trinity Ottoson-Smith, who was jumping on a trampoline when she was struck by a stray bullet.


Trinity Ottoson-Smith was 9 years old.


Dpree Shareef Robinson, 20, appeared in court and entered his plea in Minneapolis, Minn., on Monday, according to a Hennepin County Attorney’s Office press release. He faces a 450-month — or 37.5-year — prison sentence for Trinity’s May 2021 murder.

“Trinity was doing what kids should be doing in springtime in Minnesota, playing with friends and having fun outside,” Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty said in the release. “Mr. Robinson’s actions shocked our community and devastated her family and all who loved her. I’m hopeful his admission of guilt begins to bring some degree of closure for Trinity’s family and the community.”

According to the criminal complaint, Robinson fired bullets at a residence from a nearby alleyway, and one of those bullets struck Trinity, who was on a trampoline with friends in a residential backyard. It was a gang-related drive-by shooting, and Trinity and her friends were caught in the middle of Robinson and his intended targets, according to police.

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No one else at the birthday party was hurt.

Trinity was rushed to North Memorial Health Hospital, where she remained in critical condition for two weeks before succumbing to her injuries.

According to a GoFundMe campaign that was established in May 2021 to help cover the costs of Trinity’s medical expenses and her funeral, she wanted to be a teacher one day.

Her mother, Nicole Ottoson, described her as a “beautiful, compassionate, kind and loving 9-year-old.”

She enjoyed making TikTok videos, playing Roblox with her friends, going on adventures, riding her bike, playing softball and basketball, and doing gymnastics, according to the page.

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