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Treshai Siske Bio – Treshai Siske Wiki

Treshai Siske, one Madison woman, would never celebrate after being shot repeatedly and left to die. Trashai Siske joins a long list of homicides in the Metro Nashville area, which has increased nearly 10% in just a year.


Treshai Siske was 28 years old.


“I don’t want people to focus on the who or the why. I want people to focus on her because she was freaking amazing, and I will never be the same,” said Siske’s mother.

She asked News 2 to conceal her face and name out of fear of retaliation because no one has been arrested in her daughter’s death. However, she does want to share the pain she has felt since she lost Siske.

“Why? Why did you take my best friend? Why did you take my grandkids, mama,” questioned Siske’s mother? “I just want to know why.”

Last week, police were called to an apartment on Sealy Drive in Madison. Officers found Siske dead with multiple gunshot wounds. Tuesday would have been her 29th birthday.

“If you were around her for just a few minutes, you would instantly want to be around her all the time. If you were having a bad day, no matter what she was going through, she would make sure that you knew everything was going to be alright,” Siske’s mother said. “There’s never going to be any closure. A part of me is forever gone.”

“I want the person or persons, whoever did it, to know how much they took from us. I get it, and you were probably angry with her justice or whatever. She just didn’t deserve that,” Siske’s mother said.

Siske’s death has marked more than 80 homicides in the Metro area this year. The latest data from Metro police show four precincts have increased homicides, including West, East, Hermitage and the Madisons Precincts.

In Madison, homicides have increased by 400% compared to last year.

“It’s scary, terrifying,” said Janice Jenkins. Jenkins has been living in the Madison area for over a decade and says crime has gotten out of hand.

“I would get off work at like four o’clock in the morning. I’d do my grocery shopping. Do you think that’s safe to do now? No. People get mugged during the day, getting their purses stolen or something like that. It’s not safe,” said Jenkins.

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