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Toni Schuck is Florida Highway Patrol Trooper and she was served last 26 years in this department. She takes a risk in her life to stop an alleged drunk driver who was speeding toward a 10K race on March 6. The interstate highway in Manatee County, Fla., was empty Sunday morning but for a BMW sedan barreling toward the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.


Toni Schuck is 45 years old.


On Monday, the Florida Highway Patrol applauded Trooper Toni Schuck for “selflessly” driving into the path of an alleged drunk driver in order to help save thousands of lives in Manatee County when a road closure was put in place ahead of the 10K race, which involved “nearly 7,000 participants.” that around 8:45 a.m. a BMW driver traveling “at an excessive rate of speed” approached and support staff.

Authorities say the vehicle proceeded to drive “through numerous traffic cones and around other barricades” and also failed to stop for state officers when they “attempted to conduct a traffic stop,” officials say. Afterward, the vehicle “encountered two additional FWC Officers assigned to guard the northbound Skyway Toll Place,” and “once again” failed to stop. They said Finally, the driver encountered two responding FHP officers — and after evading the first trooper, the driver had a near head-on collision with Schuck, which finally stopped the vehicle’s advancement.
Our appreciation to the many that have expressed their gratitude for the Trooper’s selfless actions,”

She is currently recovering from her injuries at home, Schuck has since been released from the hospital and is continuing to recover at home, surrounded by family.

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