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Suellen Tennyson Sister is currently in a safe place and in good health,” Bishop Theophile Nare said in a statement. Suellen Tennyson was taken hostage from a local parish in the middle of the night, leaving her glasses and blood pressure medication behind.


Suellen Tennyson is 83 years old.


Marinate Sister Suellen Tennyson was serving a mission at a convent in Yalgo, Burkina Faso, Africa, when at least 10 armed men allegedly attacked and took her captive, according to the Clarion Herald.

Marinate leader Sister Ann Lacour told the outlet that Sister Suellen was found early Monday and is now “safe.” However, she said that while she is “on American soil,” she’s not in America yet.

“We have spoken to her. She eventually will get back to the United States,” Sister Ann said of Sister Suellen, adding that the victim had no idea where she was when they talked on the phone.

“She’s worn out,” Sister Ann added. “I told her how much people love her, and she doesn’t have anything to worry about. I told her, ‘You are alive and safe. That’s all that matters.’ ”

Sister Ann also told that she couldn’t share details on Sister Suellen’s recovery to ensure she gets home safely.

In an alert issued April 6 about Sister Suellen’s alleged kidnapping, Sister Ann wrote, according to the Clarion Herald, “There were about 10 men who came during the night while the sisters were sleeping. They destroyed almost everything in the house, shot holes in the new truck, and tried to burn it. The house itself is OK, but its contents are ruined.”

A couple of younger nuns told Sister Ann that Sister Suellen was captured from her bed with “no glasses, shoes, phone, medicine, etc.”

The Marianites immediately contacted the U.S. Embassy in Burkina Faso and the U.S. State Department. They were told that finding Sister Suellen was “a high priority case for them,” Sister Ann said, per the publication.

She and Sister RenĂ©e of The Marianites of Holy Cross also celebrated Sister Suellen’s safety on Facebook and wrote, “Yes, it’s true! Sr. Suellen has recovered!”

They continued and said that she works alongside the FBI “to facilitate her re-entry process.”

“We are so very grateful for ALL the prayers and support these past 5 months,” they added. “We now ask you to pray for Suellen’s complete body, mind, and spiritual renewal.”

The sisters noted that she wanted privacy and asked: “let her be the one to reach out to you when she’s ready. Let the fact that she is safe to be your consolation…God does great things for us!”

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans also showed gratitude for Sister Suellen’s return, writing alongside photos of her, “Thanks be to God!!!!!”

The Marianites of Holy Cross did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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