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Steven Ray Hessler
Steven Ray Hessler

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Steven Ray Hessler is a the rapist broke into houses at night with a gun or knife, woke his victims then tied them up and sexually assaulted them. In the 1980s.Tennessee Steven Ray Hessler terrorised Shelby County.


Steven Ray Hessler is 58 years old.


In the 1980s.Tennessee Steven Ray Hessler terrorised Shelby County a man has been sentenced to 650 years behind bars after DNA on an envelope led to police catching him over 30 years after he committed a string of brutal sex attacks. During his sickening attacks, he often wore a bulky coat and hid his face with a sky mask or leggings. However, for 35 years after his attacks, Ray Hessler remained free, and police no closer to his identity until in 2020 when DNA from a water bill envelope he had licked led to his arrest. It matched DNA from the scene of his last known crime, on August, 17, 1985, Yesterday, the he was sentenced to 650 years behind bars. He was convicted on two counts of rape, six counts of unlawful deviate conduct, seven counts of burglary resulting in bodily injury, three counts of criminal deviate conduct and one count of robbery.Across that time he brutally attacked 10 victims, including a 16-year-old girl, seven women and two men.One was a former marine who he handcuffed, hogtied and beat with a gun, leaving them in a coma for months.

In a statement, the prosecuting said: “These attacks have had profound impacts on their live.”Hessler plans to appeal the conviction, his lawyer, Bryan L. Cook said. He added: “Several potentially viable suspects were ruled out by DNA, although eight of 10 victims were not DNA cases — which was a central issue in the case.Many physical descriptions by victims of the attacker did not match Hessler’s age, build, weight, eye color or education.”In 2020, they identified Hessler as one of two potential subjects, so investigators subpoenaed a utility company for his water bill to extract his DNA, the prosecution said.A further DNA sample from Hessler’s cheek confirmed the link. When investigators searched Hessler’s home on August 17, 2020, precisely 35 years after the last attack, they found more evidence linking him to the crimes.

This included photographs that had been stolen from a victim, handcuffs, and coats with ski masks in the pockets. A further search of his computers showed how he had tracked two of his victims online and downloaded a photo of where one of them lived.Investigators also found around 30 pairs of women’s underwear in individual bags at his home.

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