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Shawn Williams was 19 years old when he was put behind bars for the alleged shooting death of neighbor Marvin Mason in 1994.


Shawn Williams is 47 years old.


A man who spent 24 years in prison for a wrongful murder conviction will be awarded $10.5 million by the city of New York, according to reports.

WNBC-TV reports Shawn Williams was 19 years old when he was put behind bars for the alleged shooting death of neighbor Marvin Mason in 1994.

Despite a lack of forensic evidence linking Williams to the murder, at the time, a woman’s testimony alleging she spotted him at the Brooklyn crime scene holding a gun was enough to put the teen in prison for over two decades, according to The New York Times.

Williams, now 47, was freed in 2018 after the witness retracted her testimony five years earlier, alleging she was coerced into naming him as a suspect by now-retired NYPD homicide detective Louis Scarcella.
Citing court documents, the Times reports after the Mason murder, Scarcella and his partner Stephen Chmil visited the witness’ home and showed her a photo array of potential suspects.

While Williams was not initially pointed out by the witness, detectives allegedly told her if she failed to provide them with a suspect, they “might turn to her son.” She subsequently told police she saw Williams with a gun on his waist on the night of the murder, the outlet reports.
According to the outlet, the witness fled New York for Georgia, partly because “she did not want to continue to participate in” a wrongful prosecution. She was reportedly arrested in Georgia and taken back to New York after a judge ordered her to testify in the case.

Her testimony reportedly helped Willams get sentenced to 25 years to life.

“No amount of money can give me back the years they took from me,” Williams said in a statement Wednesday. “But I am going to keep rebuilding my life and looking ahead to a brighter future.”

Scarcella’s attorney Richard Signorelli insists his client did nothing wrong in the Williams case. He said Scarcella “categorically denies all the allegations of misconduct,” per WNBC.

The multimillion-dollar settlement is a result of the 14th wrongful conviction case involving Scarcella — and is believed to be the largest monetary award so far in a series of cases involving the retired detective, according to the station.

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