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Shahzaib Khan is a student and belongs to district main wali Pakistan. Two years ago, Shahzaib married Mashal Fatima. Shahzaib Khan is now known in Pakistan as a cruel father who murdered his seven-day-old daughter. Jannat was the name of the toddler.


Shahzaib Khan is 29 years old.


Student Shahzaib Khan is alleged to have shot his newborn daughter Jannat five times in Mianwali, Pakistan, on Monday as police and family spoke of his anger at not having a boy twisted father has been arrested on suspicion of shooting dead his seven-day-old baby girl “because he wanted his first-born to be a boy”.

Police launched a manhunt for him after his attack sparked fury in the country and officers captured him on Tuesday evening. Last night, police said: “Mianwali police with the help of modern technology arrested the accused Shahzeb from Bhakkar district last night.

A post-mortem revealed that little Jannah, which means ‘heaven’, was killed instantly.
District Police Officer Ismail Kharak told Dawn News that Shahzaib Khan – a second-year student – wanted a son as his first child. Further, they said, “We have collected four spent bullets from the scene and strong evidence will be presented to the court to ensure justice.”

The baby’s mother’s uncle Hidayatullah Khan seemed to confirm the motive, saying: “He is accused of shooting dead his seven-day-old daughter on March 5.”A baby girl was born and he was infuriated.”Hidayatullah claimed they had tried to take the girl from the man, but that he pointed the gun at them and threatened to shoot if anyone came close to him.

Rights groups allege that female infanticide is widespread in Pakistan, which occupies a lowly spot on the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Gender Gap Report, with only Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan occupying even lower places.

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