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Rebecca Kilps who was a former teacher in Wisconsin has been arrested on allegations she sexually abused a student after her suspicious husband allegedly uncovered illicit text messages she had sent to the teen.


Rebecca Kilps is 34 years old.


Rebecca Kilps, a former Spanish teacher at Two Rivers High School who resigned from her position, appeared in court on Monday, but did not enter pleas to charges she faces, reports WBAY.

PEOPLE confirms with the Two Rivers Police Department that Kilps was arrested back on May 24 and charged with three felony counts of sex assault of a student by school staff.

According to a police statement, the investigation into Kilps began on May 23, when a detective was contacted by a tipster and told that Rebecca Kilps high school teacher engaged in sexual conduct with a 17-year-old student.”

A criminal complaint obtained by WBAY alleges Kilps’ husband called police the very next day. Fearing his wife was having an affair, the husband sifted through the text messages on her phone while she slept.

When confronted with the texts, in which she allegedly spoke of a future with the recipient and told him she loved him, Kilps allegedly admitted to her husband the messages had been sent to a student.

WBAY reports the teen boy admitted to police he and Kilps first met his freshman year, and that they had had sex twice in her home, according to the complaint.
Kilps met with detectives and allegedly admitted she’d developed romantic feelings for the teen last October.

Kilps allegedly told police she was planning to leave her husband for the teen after his impending graduation.

Kilps is due back in court July 22, at which point a judge will determine if there’s sufficient evidence against her for the case to proceed to trial.

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