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RaDonda Vaught

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RaDonda Vaught is 38 years old.


RaDonda Vaught acted recklessly, and Charlene Murphey died as a result of that. RaDonda Vaught had a duty of care to Charlene Murphey and RaDonda Vaught neglected that. … The immutable fact of this case is that Charlene Murphey is dead because RaDonda Vaught couldn’t pay attention to what she was doing.

Before the jury’s deliberation on Friday morning, Vaught said she was prepared for whatever outcome may happen.”Knowing what I know now — even if the jury finds me guilty, even if Judge Smith decides that prison time is the appropriate sentencing for this and it’s the maximum amount of time — I have zero regrets about telling the truth,” she told The Tennessean. Over four years ago, Vaught withdrew a vial from an electronic medication cabinet, administered the drug to Murphey, and somehow overlooked signs of a deadly mistake.

Murphey, who was admitted to the hospital for a brain bleed and was being treated in the ICU, was supposed to get Versed, a sedative intended to calm her before being scanned in a large, MRI-like machine. However, Vaught accidentally grabbed vecuronium, a powerful paralyzer, which stopped the patient’s breathing and left her brain dead before the error was discovered. Vaught admitted her mistake at a Tennessee Board of Nursing hearing last year, saying she became “complacent” in her job and “distracted” by a trainee while operating the computerized medication cabinet. She did not shirk responsibility for the error, but she said the blame was not hers alone.


“I know the reason this patient is no longer here is because of me,” Vaught said, starting to cry. “There won’t ever be a day that goes by that I don’t think about what I did.”