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Pamela Rae Martinez, who was a Uber Eats driver took the photo of a man sitting in a nearby van after completing her last delivery of the day.


Pamela Rae Martinez was 60 years old.


A grandmother shot dead in her car may have helped police catch her killer after a photo from her driver’s seat showed a man who is now the prime suspect.

Uber Eats driver Pamela Rae Martinez took the photo of a man sitting in a nearby van after completing her last-day delivery.

Witnesses reported seeing the man standing next to the 60-year-old’s vehicle.

Pamela was later found shot and unresponsive in her car, and despite the best attempts by paramedics, she was declared dead at the scene.

Glendale Police Sergeant Randy Stewart said investigators found she had been shot through her vehicle’s open window
moments before her death. It was discovered that she had taken a photo of a man sitting in the van. He has been identified as local Rusty French.

A search of his house found several handguns, one of which was matched by ballistics for the weapon used to kill Pamela.

A spokesman for Glendale Police in Arizona, US, said: “Through the investigation, it was discovered Martinez had completed her last food delivery and for some reason took a photograph from her cell phone of a man sitting in his van alongside her vehicle.

“The man was later identified as Rusty French.
Officer Tiffany Ngalula added to 12 News: “The photograph she took was of the van the witness described, and of a man, sitting in his van.

“Had she not done that, we would not know who her shooter was.”

French, 62, has been charged with second-degree murder as investigations continue.

Under questioning by police, French conceded he was the man in the photo but could not explain why it might have been taken.

He claimed to police he “must have blacked out” about what happened between himself and the victim.
Pamela had taken the job making deliveries to help her daughter, Monique Daniels, who is expecting a baby.

Monique told the Daily Beast: “I know she knew what was going to happen.

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