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Nida Tangmo Patcharaveerapong was Thai TV and film actress.who went missing a couple of days back after falling in the Chao Phraya River, was found dead by a rescue team on Sunday.


Nida Tangmo Patcharaveerapong was 37 years old.


On 24th February she was travelling with her five friends on a speedboat, fell in the river on Thursday night. She was travelling from the Thon Buri Bridge towards Nonthaburi province after 38 hours she fell from a boat, the rescue team found her body floating in the river about 300 meters from the Pibulsongkram Pier in Nonthaburi province. According to her friends, around 10:40 pm the Nida Tangmo Patcharaveerapong went to the rear side of the speedboat to relieve himself but the toilet was not working properly and she wasn’t wearing any life jacket and neither were her friends. After she misses, her friends call the police.


After falling in the Chao Phraya River, was found the dead body by a rescue team on Sunday. According to reports, Tangmo, The police have now taken the body for a post-mortem examination. Reports further suggest that the owner and the driver of the speed boat may face charges of using a boat with an expired license and causing death by negligence.

All the first her brother saw to spot something and informed the rescue teams, who fished out the body from the water. Her brother identified her dead body from her clothes and he said I come to take her back home but her mother said her daughter was a good swimmer and I couldn’t believe what had happened.


Nida Tangmo Patcharaveerapong starred in the 2006 film ‘Ghost of Mae Nak’, which was based on one of Thailand’s oldest ghost legends. In 2013, she married actor Pakin Kumwilaisuk. However, after two years of togetherness, the couple decided to part ways.

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