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Nathaniel Glover
Nathaniel Glover

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Kidd Creole, one of the founding members of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, has been convicted of manslaughter in the 2017 stabbing death of a homeless man, the New York Times reports. The conviction comes more than a week after the trial of the rapper, whose real name is Nathaniel Glover, began in New York City.


Nathaniel Glover 62-year-old.


“Nathaniel Glover committed a shocking act of violence,” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said, according to ABC7 New York. “This conviction makes clear my office will hold people who commit violent crimes accountable to the full extent of the law.”
Prosecutors said Glover stabbed John Jolly twice in the chest with a steak knife just before midnight on Aug. 1, 2017, while on his way to work in midtown Manhattan after Jolly, 55, had asked him, “What’s up?

Glover’s lawyer, Scottie Celestin, argued that his client was acting in self-defense, telling the jury, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is New York City. It’s 12 o’clock at night. Who’s saying ‘What’s up?’ to you with good intentions? His fear for his life was reasonable,”
Assistant District Attorney Mark Dahl told the jury the former rap artist confessed to police he had not stabbed the man in self-defense, but because he thought he was hitting on him, per the outlet.

“The defendant confessed to pulling out a kitchen knife and repeatedly thrusting it into the body of a stranger on the street, killing him,” Dahl said via ABC7 New York. “Was there anything that would prevent him from simply running away from Mr. Jolly? No.”


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