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Michael Hosinski started working in 1981 for the Baugo Community School Board in Elkhart, Indiana as a teacher. In 2020, he was named Teacher of the Year In 2020, Hosinski was named best Teacher of the Year at Jimtown High School.


Michael Hosinski is 61 years old.


Michael Hosinski was taken into custody on a level 6 felony for battery, according to the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office has was arrested after he was caught slapping a student during the school day. According to the press release published by NBC affiliate Hosinski allegedly hit the Jimtown High School student during a “verbal altercation.”
Students Allege Harvard University ‘Willfully Ignored’ Professor’s Sexual Harassment, Retaliation in Lawsuit. The Feb. 25 incident allegedly began after Hosinski confronted the victim about the hoodie sweatshirt they had worn to class before he “inexplicably” made physical contact with them, the district said.

Security footage of the incident shows Hosinski grabbing the backpack of a student and pushing them against the wall moments before pointing a finger at them and slapping them in the face. Earlier in the clip, Hosinski appears to chase the student down the hallway while a student and school staff member look on. After making contact with the student, Hosinski appears to grab them by the jacket with both hands as he holds them against the wall before grabbing their arm and attempting to lead them down the hallway. The student then falls to the ground as an adult appears in front of them. The open-handed slap “caused the student’s head to strike the wall” and “the student suffered visible injuries”


Baugo Community Schools has and will continue to fully cooperate with all investigations, as well as offering supportive services to the student and the student’s family,” the district said before announcing that Hosinski “is no longer employed by Baugo Community Schools.” He is also not permitted on school grounds.

One student at Tuesday’s meeting told the board that she had “never been more embarrassed” to be a student at the school after seeing how the administration handled the situation. “The administration has not only failed the students, but our teachers as well,” she said.

Those supporting Hosinski do not believe the recent incident is indicative of his character. One man who described himself as Hosinski’s friend believes that something had to have led Hosinski to “snap” as he did.

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