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The bystander, identified as Martha Adrianna Alejo, was standing in line waiting for food with her pre-teen son when a car stopped and started shooting at people in the line, according to police.


Martha Adrianna Alejo was 32 years old.


A mom standing in line outside of a Phoenix restaurant was killed by a drive-by shooter while shielding her 13-year-old son from the gunfire, police and her family said.

Officers who responded to the scene about 8 p.m. Wednesday found an injured Martha Adrianna Alejo, 32, who later died from her injuries.

No one else was hit, but detectives said they did not believe Alejo was targeted.

“We know that violent crime in our city has been on the rise,” police Cmdr. Warren Brewer, head of the department’s Violent Crimes Bureau, said in a news release. “No one should have to worry about being shot as they stand in line for food. And no child should have to see their mother gunned down for no reason.”

No suspects have been identified or apprehended. According to witnesses, the shots rang out from a car that stopped in front of the business, and then took off, reports 12 News.

Alejo was hit in the chest.

“It is weird that she was the only one that got hit. There were more people,” said Alejo’s younger brother, Adrian Alejo, reports ABC 15. “Why was she the only one?”

He added: “My mom woke me up while screaming that something was going on. I did not believe it, to be honest. I was like, I just hope she is at the hospital and maybe this was an error or something.”

On a GoFundMe page seeking donations to help cover the family’s expenses, he wrote: “Her life was taken yesterday by someone that was having an argument with the person behind her [in line]. The other guy shot fire and my sister got in the way to protect her 13-year-old son. Thankfully her son was ok but sadly is traumatized by all this.”

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