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Maria, a German girl, has been found by local authorities after allegedly being held captive by her mother and grandparents since she was a toddler.


Maria is eight years old.


The girl, identified only as “Maria,” was discovered in her grandparents’ home in Attendorn, about an hour east of Cologne, according to The Times.

Authorities say that Maria, who had not been seen in public since 2015 when she was 18 months old, had been kept in a single room in the house, reported The Times. When authorities found her in September, she could speak but was so weak she could barely climb stairs or navigate uneven ground.

Prosecutors say that Maria, who looked to have not suffered abuse or malnutrition, had not been outdoors for seven years, per the newspaper, and was overwhelmed by the outside world.

The girl’s mother, identified by Bild newspaper as Rosemarie G, had separated from her father shortly after she was born in December 2013.

After learning that the man had begun a relationship with another woman, Rosemarie G told him she was taking Maria to Italy to live with relatives.

However, the man’s suspicions began to arise when his correspondence to the girl in Italy went unanswered, according to The Times. Another relative told police that she had visited the house in Italy where Rosemarie G and Maria were supposed to be living and discovered they had never resided there.

Eventually, a search warrant was obtained, and police found Maria in the Attendorn home.

Maria is now in a foster home receiving medical and psychological care. She may be reunited with her father, who said he would welcome custody of the girl, reported Bild.

The outlet added that the public prosecutor’s office in Siegen is currently investigating the mother and grandparents on suspicion of deprivation of liberty and the abuse of wards. The prosecutor’s office did not immediately reply to PEOPLE’s request for information.

Rosemarie G could face up to ten years in prison if she is found guilty of keeping her daughter in captivity, reported Bild.