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Marcus Fiesel was an American child who was murdered in Clermont County, Ohio, in August 2006. Fiesel had recently been removed from his mother’s care by child protective services, and placed into foster care with David and Liz Carroll in Union Township, where he died from hyperthermia.


Marcus Fiesel was 3-year old.


The Ohio Parole Board will decide next month whether convicted murderer David Carroll will be let out of jail 16 years after the death of 3-year-old Marcus Fiesel.

It’s a case that left the local community heartbroken. For Don White, the top prosecutor in Clermont County at the time, it created resolve that Carroll should be showed no remorse—and should stay locked up for life.

“He took the plea, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s the break that he got,” White told FOX19 Tuesday. “He should serve a whole lot longer than 15 or 16 years.”

Fiesel was living in foster care with David and Liz Carroll in 2006 when the Carrols wrapped him in a blanket and bound him with tape. Then they put him in a closet and left on a trip to Kentucky.

The boy’s temperature spiked to more than 100 degrees. Thirty hours later, the Carrolls returned to their Clermont County home to find Fiesel dead.

Authorities say David and his live-in girlfriend, Amy Baker, took the boy’s body to Brown County, where they burned it before putting his remains in the Ohio river.

Liz Carroll’s case went to trial, where a jury convicted her. She’s currently serving a life prison sentence. David took a plea deal and got 16 years to life in prison.

Said White, “Even though Liz was the brains behind their family—and the little threesome group that they had—he was culpable. He knew. He could’ve stopped it at any time. Instead, he participated in tying the child up and leaving him in a closet with no food or water.”

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