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Marcus Dewayne McCowan Texas man visiting his girlfriend in labour went on a rampage at a hospital, where he assaulted several staff members and two babies who turned blue when he choked them, police said.


Marcus Dewayne McCowan is 18 years old.


An 18-year-old man in Texas was arrested after he allegedly stormed through a hospital nursery and began strangling newborns and assaulting staff members.

Law & Crime reports that Marcus Dewayne McCowan Jr was charged on Monday with several felonies, including two counts of attempted first-degree capital murder.

The man then allegedly began staring at a mother and her newborn, and later shoved nurses to the ground and tried to gain access to a nursery, which was locked. When that did not work, he allegedly grabbed the mother’s newborn and fled into a lactation room, where he reportedly began strangling the baby.

Nurses told KMID that they saw the baby’s face turn blue and noted that police chased the man into the lactation room.

A nearby therapist noted the struggle and saw Mr McCown eventually force his way into the nursery. He allegedly began strangling another baby in the nursery, and the therapist tried to calm him down.

According to the therapist, Mr McCowan lifted the baby and said ‘die,’ making a move as though he were going to throw it to the ground. The therapist intervened and attempted to bring Mr McCowan to the floor while supporting the baby’s head to prevent further injury.

Eventually, a hospital security member arrived and helped to restrain Mr McCowan.

When police arrived, Mr McCowan reportedly began struggling with them while they were attempting to take him into custody.

Mr McCowan was arrested and taken to the Ector County Jail. He was then charged with attempted murder and possession of a controlled substance, trying to take a weapon from an officer, assault of a public servant, resisting arrest, criminal trespassing, and assault. The charge alleging he had a controlled substance resulted from a THC vape pen found on his person during the arrest.

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