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The killing of a girl named Maelys after luring her from a wedding celebration in a French Alpine town as guests partied into the night.




Maelys was 8 years old.




An ex-soldier was found guilty of killing a girl named Maelys after luring her from a wedding celebration in a French Alpine town as guests partied into the night. After three weeks of court testimony that has riveted France, Nordahl Lelandais was sentenced to life in prison with 22 years guaranteed behind bars. Before Maelys de Araujo’s death in August 2017. He also was found guilty of molesting two cousins, aged 4 and 6 years. The jury agreed with Grenoble prosecutor Jacques Dallest’s demand for a maximum sentence. Tallest argued that Lelandais represents a “considerable social danger” despite efforts to rehabilitate himself in prison.


Lelandais, his lawyer Alain Jakubowicz said, we will be not appealing against the decision adding that he had told his client the girl’s family shouldn’t have to suffer further.


After the jury decision parents and sisters of the Maelys kissed each other in the packed but silent courtroom. The parents, Jennifer and Joachim, and sister Colleen expressed relief at the verdict but all regret the exact cause of Maelys’ death will never be known, or whether she was raped. Lelandais Behaviour was calm, but he was seen mouthing to his mother, “It will be alright.”Maelys’ age and a long investigation replete with gruesome details triggered huge public interest in the case. French media recounted every detail that led to the girl murder after Lelandais lured her into his car amid a wedding fete in a small town in the Alps.

Lelandais, who was a dog trainer, said in the court and admitted to luring the girl into his car and striking up her violent“three or four times” when she cried, but never made clear how she died. He said he had not meant to kill Maelys, whom he invited at 2:40 a.m. to see his dogs. He was a last-minute guest at the wedding. He had led the investigator’s team to the site where he buried Maelys, several miles from the wedding fete. Investigators were never able to prove that the girl was raped.


The court recessed to consider the verdict, Lelandais admitted all charges against him and offered an apology.”I know the families will not accept my excuses, but I present them with the greatest sincerity.”

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