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Louis Watkiss
Louis Watkiss

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Louis Watkiss died at the scene after being hurt in a collision during a tobogganing party with friends in September 2021.


Louis Watkiss was 12 years old.


Louis Watkiss died while on a night out with pals at the SnowDome in Tamworth, Staffordshire, on September 24, 2021.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) yesterday confirmed it is leading a “criminal investigation” into the death of the schoolboy.

Louis’s death had never been fully explained, with the tragedy shocking the lad’s family and the local community.

The HSE’s principal inspector, Andrew Johnson, promised to “prioritize and thoroughly investigate any breaches of health and safety law”.

He added that the body was in “regular contact” with the boy’s family.

Louis’ parents Chris and Natalie Watkiss, had been at home in Sutton Coalfield, West Midlands when they got a call to say Louis had been hurt.

Heartbroken, Chris said that when they arrived at the ski center, they imagined his injuries would amount to no more than a broken arm.

But he told the BBC it was “a very nerve-wracking walk” with paramedics up the slope to where Louis was.

“There was a lot of blood and within a few minutes he was pronounced dead in front of me,” he said.

“I laid with him for a bit, told him he was a good boy and how much I loved him.”

One mum told at the time how her stepdaughter and friends were behind the boy when the horror unfolded.

She claimed the kids were effectively “trapped” on the top of an escalator as witnesses and medics tried to save the boy’s life.

She wrote on Facebook: “Our children were next to do down and saw it all.

“They tried to leave and were told to go back up. I asked the staff why they were letting them witness it all, and it was horrific.

“We weren’t even told if it was our child when I shouted down from the viewing balcony.

“Eventually, after 20 minutes, we’d had enough and went in and got everyone out ourselves. Our children were a mess.

“My stepdaughter and her friends are still crying now (they were next to go down, so they saw it all), and it was three hours ago.

“Toddlers and children were witnessing very close up a horrific scene.

“You don’t think these kinds of things are that dangerous.”

SnowDome chairman Martin Smith said: “The directors and employees extend their heartfelt thoughts, prayers, and condolences.

“Directors and staff are deeply shocked by what happened, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this terrible time.

“An investigation is currently being carried out by the authorities, and we are giving it our full cooperation.”

Louis was a talented musician who played the saxophone in jazz ensembles and a Chelsea-supporting sports fanatic who loved cricket.

After his death, Louis’ parents described him as “our pride, our joy, our love”, adding that they “miss him so much it hurts”.

In a statement released at the time, they said: “Louis was a son, a brother, a grandson, a cousin, and a friend.

“Louis was a studious pupil who enjoyed learning and showing immense curiosity about the world around him.

“Reaching grade five at saxophone through the Royal Academy of Music, his involvement in two jazz ensembles demonstrated his passion for music.