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Lee Dae-jun, a South Korean government official, shot dead by North Korean soldiers near the sea border, has requested a meeting with Elizabeth Salmón, the newly appointed United Nations envoy for North Korea’s human rights.


Lee Dae-jun was 47 years old.


The funeral of Lee Dae-jun, a South Korean fisheries official, shot dead by the North Korean military, was held in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province, on Thursday.

Some 100 mourners attended the funeral, including the bereaved family, Lee’s colleagues, and Minister of Oceans and Fisheries Cho Seung-hwan, who expressed hope that the victim and his family could find peace after a two-struggle.

Lee’s brother said such a tragedy must not reoccur and urged the country to restore his deceased brother’s honour, adding that he would legally hold accountable everyone guilty of the “crime,” including former President Moon Jae-in.

The family plans to hold a press conference next week after pressing charges against Moon.

In September 2020, Lee went missing while on duty in the West Sea near the inter-Korean maritime border and was shot dead in North Korean waters after being found by the North’s military.

The previous Moon administration declared that Lee had attempted to defect to the North. Still, that conclusion was reversed by the Korea Coast Guard in June of this year when it said there was no evidence proving Lee intended to cross the border into the North.

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