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Landon Parrot told police he left the boy in the car so he “would not be a disturbance while in the house.”


Landon Parrott is 19 years old.


A 1-year-old boy died in a hot car after his father left him there—on purpose—for five hours, Ohio police said.

According to authorities, the temperature outside was 87 degrees when little Kyler Parrott was strapped into his car seat with nothing to drink and no air conditioning on Thursday.

“We estimate that would’ve made the car’s interior about 130 degrees,” Det. Capt. Ty Norris of the New Philadelphia Police Department told WJW.

Norris said Tyler’s mother was at work, and his father, Landon Parrott, 19, didn’t want to be bothered by his son.

“During the interview, it appears that this was not a matter of forgetting the child but was a deliberate act so as the child would not be a disturbance while in the house,” New Philadelphia Police Chief Michael Goodwin said in a Facebook post.

Landon Parrott took the child to the emergency room, where he said he had only left him in the car while he went to the restroom, police said.

But investigators said they obtained a video showing Parrott was in his home all day until he came out to pick up his wife and found Kyler unresponsive.

“Heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking to see this unfold before your eyes,” Norris said.

Landon Parrott was charged with murder, manslaughter, and child endangerment.

The child’s mother, Vanessa, posted a photo of her son on Facebook with the message: “Mommy loves you so much. Fly high, my sweet baby boy. #justiceforkyler.” A GoFundMe was established to help her with funeral costs.

An online obituary said Kyler “will be remembered for his sweet disposition and gentle way with animals, even at such a young age, and for his enthusiasm for his best friend, Mickey Mouse.”

His paternal grandparents urged the community to focus on Kyler’s short life and not the tragic circumstances of his death.

“Justice will be served, but the purpose of this is to bring everyone’s attention to the existence of Kyler Phillip Allen Parrott,” they said in a Facebook post.

“Kyler was a surprise that immediately changed our world in the best way, from the beginning. We saw his mother, Vanessa Parrott’s belly grow while he was getting ready to make his grand appearance.

“I wish I could express the loss that has occurred. He was such an active baby, always so curious. And yes, he enjoyed jamming out to Britney with me during his bath time. We want the world to stop and pay attention to him, to know the name Kyler right now. That is not what happened. Right now is about him… look at him… know he was here.”

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