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Krzysztof Nieroda
Krzysztof Nieroda and his daughter Natalie

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Krzysztof Nieroda New Jersey electrician who fatally shot his wife and two kids Sunday morning phoned a relative and confessed to his heinous crime before turning the gun on himself, police said Monday.


Krzysztof Nieroda was 41 years old.


Krzysztof Nieroda was found dead in the family’s Linden home around 9:30 a.m. with the murder weapon in his hand, authorities said.

Police also found the bodies of his 41-year-old beautician wife, Justyna, and their two children, 13-year-old daughter Natalie and 14-year-old son Sebastian, in the Chatham Place house, officials said.

Sebastian briefly survived being shot but died at University Hospital in Newark, cops said.

Soon after he pulled the trigger, Krzysztof called an unidentified relative on the phone and told them what he’d done, police said. Then he shot himself once in the head.

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The gruesome murder-suicide in the beige bungalow near a park has left neighbors reeling as cops struggle to find a motive in the case. Residents described the Nierodas as affable, helpful people who made the town their home in 2007.

“They’re a normal family. That’s why it’s impossible to believe,” Angel Montanez, 56, told The Post. “They go camping every long weekend with a trailer they hook up to their car. They recently renovated their kitchen, and he invited me over to show it to me.”

The Linden School District brought in grief counselors for students and staff at the kids’ former schools, McManus Middle School and School #10, Superintendent Rocco G. Tomazic said in a statement posted on the district’s Web site.

“Any student death affects us all,” Tomazic wrote. “But we will never become so accustomed to loss like this that we can’t respond with empathy, understanding and care. We will fully support each other during these difficult times. Let us all work together towards that end.”

Natalie was in seventh grade, Tomazic said. Sebastian was in eighth.

On Sunday evening, the kids’ classmates placed candles and balloons outside the home, according to CBS New York.

Neighbours said the father worked as an electrician, while his wife ran a salon out of the house. The couple was friendly — they’d walk their dog around the neighborhood and chat with acquaintances about their jobs, their kids or their bills, residents said.

Krzysztof helped one neighbour fix her electricity; another passed the time during a hair appointment talking to Justyna about the kids’ middle-school proms.

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office investigated along with the city police. But even authorities seemed flabbergasted at the outrageous act.

“In tragedies of this magnitude, there are no words that can heal, nor explanations that can serve to make sense of them to the public,” Union County Prosecutor William Daniel said in a statement. “Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of these victims and to the Linden community as a whole in the wake of this horrible event.”

Linden Police Chief David Hart begged members of the public to seek mental-health help if they are suffering.

“We are not alone in our grief; each of us has a shared responsibility to be there for our loved ones as we mourn the loss of our friends and neighbors,” Hart said.