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Kevin Ray Moore
Kevin Ray Moore

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Kevin Ray Moore, who killed a mother of five in an apparent murder-suicide, is also responsible for killing two South American researchers in Missouri earlier this month, authorities say.


Kevin Ray Moore was 42 years old.


The deaths of two research scientists who were found killed on Oct. 1 in their Kansas City, Mo., apartment have been solved after authorities confirmed a man who perpetrated a murder-suicide on Oct. 16 was responsible for their deaths.

Kevin Ray Moore, 42, killed 40-year-old Misty Brockman, then turned the gun on himself on Oct. 16 in a murder-suicide.

Now, police say Moore is also responsible for the deaths of Camila Behrensen, 24, of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Pablo Guzmán Palma, 25, of Santiago, Chile. They were found dead in their burned Kansas City, Mo., apartment on Oct. 1.

It is unclear if Moore had any prior connection to Behrensen, Guzmán Palma, or Brockman.

According to a statement from Kansas City police obtained by PEOPLE, Behrensen and Guzmán Palma were “suffering from apparent trauma” when they were found and declared dead at the scene.

“A Kansas City Police Department investigation has established that on or about Oct. 1, 2022, Kevin Ray Moore, dob: 5/25/1980 (now deceased), caused the deaths of Behrensen and Guzman-Palma and intentionally set their apartment on fire,” a press release from the Jackson County’s Prosecutor’s Office reads.

The release says that the Kansas City Police Department “used phone and computer data, surveillance videos, ballistic testing as well as DNA tests to determine the cause of the deaths of Behrensen and Guzman-Palma and to determine that Moore was the suspect.”

According to a statement from the institute, Behrens and Guzmán Palma were both predoctoral researchers and members of the 2020 predoctoral research class at Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City.

“We are devastated by the loss of two exceptional predoctoral researchers, Camila Behrensen and Pablo Guzmán Palma, who would have made significant contributions to the scientific community,” Stowers Institute said in an additional statement. “Camila and Pablo each radiated a distinctive joy and optimism and a love for knowledge that will be profoundly missed.”

On Oct. 16 — more than two weeks after Behrensen and Guzmán Palma killings — Moore and Brockman were found dead in a wooded part of the city from a murder-suicide.

A GoFundMe launched by Brockman’s friend, CeeJae Coberley, described her as the mother of five “beautiful young boys.”

“She was taken in a senseless act of violence that makes our hearts bleed in agony,” the fundraiser description reads.

Coberley told KCTV 5 she grew up with Brockman but didn’t know Moore or why Brockman would be in the wooded area with him.

“She’d always have your back. Always,” Coberly told the outlet. “She was a firecracker. She was everything you wish you had in a friend.”

A Kansas City Police Department spokesperson said that further information is unavailable at this time because of the “connection with the ongoing investigation into the murder-suicide.”