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Kevin Nishita, a former police officer working with Star Protection Agency, was shot when a group of men attempted to rob the news crew of its television camera. Officials said. A $32,500 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest.


Kevin Nishita’s age was not disclosed.


On Wednesday, Nishita was assigned to a KRON-TV reporter covering the Monday night burglary of the Prime 356 clothing store on the 300 block of 14th Street. At about 12:20 p.m. as Nishita stood outside the store with the reporter, a group tried to rob the pair, and the security guard was “struck by gunfire” in the abdomen, Oakland police spokesperson Kim Armstead said. He was taken to Highland Hospital in critical condition.

Journalist Stanley Roberts, a former reporter said he was covering the theft when three men pulled up in a car, one with a gun in hand, and tried to rob the reporter of his camera but the security guard intervened, he was shot.
Oakland police are investigating the shooting and asking that anyone with relevant information or security footage call investigators at 510-238-3426.”

Kevin Nishita leaves behind a wife, two children, and three grandchildren,

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