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Kelly Casper is the superintendent of the Suring School District. Against the superintendent stem from an incident that unfolded back on Jan. 18. Detectives started investigating Casper’s alleged actions on Feb. 2 after a parent of one of the students called the police.


Kelly Casper is 51 years old.


The criminal complaint alleges the allegedly had six female students summoned to the nurse’s office at Suring High School after their lunch period. The six students were allegedly directed into an adjoining bathroom, where they were instructed to remove the majority of their clothing as well as their footwear. The girls were allowed to keep their underwear and bras on during the searches. Casper was allegedly looking for vaping devices, She allegedly asked several of the girls to pull their bras back, “to see if anything would fall out,” reads the complaint. Vape products were found on only a couple of the girls. Some of the girls allege Casper touched various parts of their bodies. One girl alleges the educator touched her buttocks. The complaint alleges the six girls were not allowed to leave the nurse’s bathroom once the searches started.

A mother of one of the victims told the Green Bay Press-Gazette she’s glad Casper was charged with six counts of false imprisonment.

Our whole goal was to get her out of that school and away from our children,” Helminger told the paper. “We’re hoping to see her put on administrative leave at the minimum or fired because she doesn’t belong there.”

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