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Jose Gomez-Alvarez in Kentucky and his 27-year-old girlfriend were arrested this week after the man’s young daughter was found dead in a storage locker rented under the woman’s name.


Jose Gomez-Alvarez is 31 years old.


A Kentucky couple has been arrested after a search for a missing child led police to discover human remains.

Jose Gomez-Alvarez and Cheyanne Porter are facing charges of tampering with physical evidence and abusing a corpse.

Investigators got involved in the missing child case on Sept. 30 after acquaintances of the couple reported that they had not seen one of Gomez-Alvarez’s children for some time.

“There was some concern that the other child hadn’t been seen in a while,” Daviess County Sheriff Barry Smith tells PEOPLE. “They usually came up with excuses for why she wasn’t around them. And that eventually concluded that maybe there was something wrong with the child, or she was missing.”

Smith said the caller reported that the child was last seen in late 2021 or early 2022 and that Gomez-Alvarez and Porter had not filed a missing person report.

Smith also said investigators opened up a missing person case and put up a Facebook post to locate the couple and check on the welfare of the missing girl. He noted several tips came in.

“After making the social media post, we started getting some tips,” he said.

Smith said that one of the tips led investigators to a storage facility in Owensboro where Porter had rented a storage unit.

Inside the unit, investigators found a plastic bin with remains inside.

“I’ve been in law enforcement for 28 years, and this is most definitely one that will stick with you as a scene and situation that you just won’t forget,” says Smith.

Smith said authorities believe the remains are Gomez-Alvarez’s 9-year-old daughter but are waiting for the coroner to confirm.

“We’re still trying to work through the process to try and figure out the timeline of the death, and the actual location of when the child died, and also trying to confirm if it is, in fact, the remains of the child,” he says. “There’s a lot of questions, speculation, so forth we have to sort through to try to find the truth, what’s not the truth, and go from there.”

The couple was taken into custody in Berea, Kentucky. It is unclear if they’ve retained an attorney who can speak on their behalf.

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