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She was a retired woman who was out on her daily walk. She was near the Oak Shores Campground on Sept. 20, when she was killed by White Pigeon, by his vehicle.


The jogger was 60 years old.


According to reports that a Michigan driver deliberately struck killed a woman who was a retired woman and she was a routine daily walk so he could have sex with her body. The suspect, identified as Colby Martin, 29, of White Pigeon, Michigan, was arraigned Wednesday in Van Buren District Court on a newly filed murder charge, WMMT-TV of Grand Rapids reported.

Fox News is withholding his identity because Martin was previously charged in September with manslaughter and concealing a body. On Sept. 20 The driver struck off the jogger when she was near the Oak Shores Campground . Then he moved the body to a wooded area where he allegedly assault committed the sex acts. Martin led investigators to the site the next day. After examining of DNA added the murder charge evidence and the suspect’s online search history, which included searches for pornography involving dead or unconscious women. Martin’s vehicle, a 2013 Ford F-150, had found severe front-end damage when investigators first encountered him at a Walmart store.

According to the report woman’s cell phone was found from suspected, and he allegedly made attempts to conceal other evidence linked to the crime we are still waiting for reports and more evidence from the prosecutor’s office.


Van Buren County Sheriff Dan Abbott said our investigation was continuing and expecting to obtain more information about this case,

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