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Jeffrey Greeson
Jeffrey Greeson

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Jeffrey Greeson New Hampshire Rep. was arrested Friday for allegedly screaming and swearing at a snowplow truck operator.


Jeffrey Greeson is 51 years old.


According to the New Hampshire State Police statement, the Republican lawmaker, 51, was charged with disorderly conduct, criminal threatening, and simple assault. He was released on personal recognizance and is scheduled to return to Plymouth District Court on May 18.

The statement explained that a police trooper received a report on March 4 that a member of the Wentworth Highway Department was obstructed from removing snow by a citizen, and managed to record some of the interaction on his phone.

The snowplow truck operator, who filed the report, has been identified as Paul Manson, WMUR reported.

“He just started giving me hell, and I didn’t know what was going on,” Manson told the Associated Press. “When I got out of the truck, he started screaming in my face. So I got back in the truck and got my phone.”

In the video Manson posted on Facebook shown on WMUR, Greeson can be heard saying, “You don’t put in my driveway,” referring to the snow.

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Manson then responds, “Get your hands off me.”

“Here’s where my driveway ends, right here. Push it out of the road!” shouted Greeson. “Your job is to clear the road. Clear the road! Now, get in your truck and do your job!”

Another clip shows Greeson yelling, “Push it out of the road over there.”

“He was upset because I wasn’t pushing the snow off the road far enough, and I was putting it all in his driveway, which I’m going, to be honest with you, that’s what I do,” Manson told the Associated Press. “My job is to get the snow off the road. And I feel bad most of the time because I do put snow back in people’s driveway, and I really can’t help it.”

“I started to get out of the truck, and he got right up to my face and started yelling a little bit more,” Mason told WMUR.

According to the news outlet, Greeson wrote in an email to the station that he himself had not seen the video Manson had filmed.

However, “I had a heated exchange with a man,” he admitted. “I apologized to the man. He accepted my apology. That was several days ago, and we have both moved on.”

Greeson did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

“It is mind-blowing to me. It took me a few days to actually settle down and figure out exactly what had happened,” Manson said Friday.

WMUR reported that Manson said he received a voicemail from Greeson, but that the two men have not spoken since the incident. Manson also told WMUR he did not know that Greeson was a public figure at the time of the altercation.

“That’s no way a state representative [should] treat anybody. if he treats me that way, how is he treating anybody else,” he wondered.

Manson told the station that Greeson “should be held accountable for his actions, just like we are, as normal, everyday citizens.”

“I was trying to do my job. I was mortified … just having somebody treat somebody like that,” he added.

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