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Jamie Rae Wilson and Diego Ramon Calzada-Russett, both 19, were charged with two counts of child torture from when the children were in the couple’scouple’s care for a week.


Jamie Rae Wilson is 19 years old.


Two teens tasked with babysitting two small children have been arrested after a 2-year-old boy arrived at a Minnesota hospital with a skull fracture and covered in bruises and cigarette burns.

Online arrest records confirm the arrests of Diego Ramon Calzada-Russett and Jamie Rae Wilson, both 19.

Calzada-Russett was arrested on Sept. 22 and charged with malicious punishment of a child. Wilson was detained on Sept. 25 after a warrant was issued for her arrest; she is charged with two counts of felony child torture.

KMSP-TV accessed court records filed against the teens and reports that paramedics were called to a St. Paul residence on Sept. 22 on a piece of an injured boy who’dwho’d fallen down a staircase.

At the hospital, though, doctors noticed the bruises and burns from cigarette butts.

He was transferred to the pediatric intensive care unit, where he was diagnosed with brain bleeds — both old and new — and a fractured skull.

Speaking to the police, Wilson — who rode in the ambulance with the boy — explained that his mother had asked her to watch him for a few days. She told police the boy arrived with numerous injuries and markings on his body.

Police eventually learned that a 5-year-old girl had also been left with Wilson, along with the boy.

Calzada-Russette had stayed home with the girl, but the court records allege neither he nor Wilson mentioned the girl to the police.

The girl was also evaluated and allegedly had “injuries on nearly every part of her body,” reports KMSP.

Police further allege the girly girl’s entire body was severely bruised and burned by cigarettes.

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