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Jamie and Jessica Joiner were two sisters who were shot by Adam Cobb. Adam Cobb was 32, years old and shared the residence with Jamie, and was believed to be on the run.


Jamie Joiner was 30 and Jessica Joiner was 34 years old.


Police officers raced to the scene at about 10:30 a.m. Saturday found the bodies of Jamie Joiner and her sister Jessica Joiner outside a home in rural Madison County, Illinois. Both sisters had been shot “in the head and neck region. Describing the call to Collinsville policy that was forwarded to his agency, he said: “You could hear a female in the background screaming, and then a couple of what appears to be gunshots in the background.

Within 45 minutes authorities had identified the suspect as Adam Cobb, 32, who shared the residence with Jamie and was believed to be on the run.

They later learned that Jamie and Adam had broken up, Connor said. “She had notified him that she was going to be moving, and we believe that her sister flew in from California, possibly the day before, to assist her in moving.

“They pulled up with a U-Haul, a rented U-Haul, and a car, and at some point a disturbance took place, and Mr. Cobb shot both females,” he said.”He also shot a family dog, which was deceased at the scene.


Police said a phone found near her body led investigators to surmise that Jamie had placed the 911 call. More than two hours later, following an alert to neighboring jurisdictions and with the aid of cell phone tracking, a vehicle with Cobb at the wheel was spotted in adjacent Montgomery County. When Cobb refused to pull over, a 40-minute pursuit began that followed the vehicle into Christian County, where it became “partially disabled,” When Cobb got out, authorities said, he allegedly pointed a gun toward a tenured Illinois State Police trooper with 26 years of experience, who fired his own weapon and struck the suspect. A “large caliber” gun found with Cobb is believed to be the same one used to kill the sisters, Connor said. “Forensics will later determine if it was, in fact, the same weapon, but the evidence suggests that it is.

Cobb was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries and pronounced dead at 4:40 a.m. Sunday.
Said Renee Crouch, who lives about a mile from Cobb’s home and said that he often cut her grass for her”He helped everybody all the time, and I still can’t get over it.

Another neighbor, Ben Sharp, told the outlet: “I couldn’t ask for a better neighbor.

Connor says investigators do not know which of the sisters was shot first. There were no witnesses. Some of these things we’ll never know,” he said. “This is pretty much a domestic situation that ended in a tragedy. Our thoughts go out to all these families, the Joiner family, and the Cobb family. They’re both going through a lot right now.”


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