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James “Jed” Frost was a walk-on and four-year player for the Tigers from 1990-1994. His wife, Beth Frost, 46, worked in the Dallas medical examiner’s office. The couple was married but estranged, according to the Dallas Morning News. Beth Frost filed for divorce on May 2.


James “Jed” Frost was 51 years old.


Officials said that a Texas medical examiner was killed at her job on Tuesday by her estranged husband, who then took his own life.

Beth and James Frost, 46 and 51, were found dead on the second floor at the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office. Dallas County commissioner John Wiley Price told WFAA that Beth was a deputy medical examiner at the facility.

“Dr. Bernard who is our director said there was a husband and wife incident and that the doctor who worked for us had been killed and that apparently her husband then killed himself,” Price said.

According to the news outlet, staff was evacuated following the shooting. The Dallas Morning News reported that another employee was injured, but the nature of their injuries was not disclosed.

A motive is not immediately known. It is also unclear how James got a gun into the medical examiner’s office. The medical examiner’s office is adjacent to the Health and Human Services building, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Price told WFAA, “That building is a lot more secure than that so I don’t know if she let him in.”

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