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James Eric Crisp a Mississippi pastor has made a shocking confession of his own after he walked into his local sheriff’s office to admit to killing a man three years ago and then dumping his body.


James Eric Crisp is 37 years old.


James Eric Crisp who is a father-of-two suddenly had a flash of conscience and decided to come clean to investigators at the Monroe County Sheriff.

Crisp served jail time after being caught in a 2019 drugs bust, but before that incident he did something that has weighed on his mind ever since – he killed another man.

His drug addiction saw him end up in a fight with 48-year-old Roger Lord Taylor which turned deadly. Taylor’s remains have never been found.

This week, Crisp relieved himself of the burden that was weighing on his mind and went to the police to tell all.

‘James Eric Crisp walked into my office, of his own free will, and confessed to having killed Mr. Taylor,’ Sheriff Kevin Crook said, writing with an air of disbelief.

Taylor was listed as a missing person after his car was discovered abandoned.

In the years since his release, Crisp signed up for a Christian drug treatment program and worked on getting himself sober before then serving as a pastor, teacher, and counselor for the very same program that saved him.

It was while he was at the recovery center that Crisp had a life-changing encounter.

‘By his own testimony he got saved three years ago, was in a recovery center, we sent him there, he is now a teacher and preacher in that program,’ Sheriff Crook said.

‘He made the decision to risk his physical freedom in order to regain his spiritual freedom and hopefully help bring closure to this case for the sake of himself and the Taylor family,’ the sheriff said.

‘We are glad for Mr. Crisp to get this off his chest so that he might be able to continue to do ministry wherever the Lord has planned for him, but this does not close the case for us,’ the sheriff’s office explained.

‘Investigators for MCSO will look at this new evidence and determine if there should be any other charges or new suspects.’

In 2019, Crisp had been part of a drug ring and was jailed after Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies seized more than 200 grams of methamphetamine, thousands of dollars in cash, ecstasy pills, marijuana, a rifle, and a handgun, along with drug paraphernalia.

At the time, the drug ring was one of the largest in the area.

Crisp was charged with trafficking in controlled substances and possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell.

But after his release from jail, Crisp entered a drug rehab program known as God’s House of Hope and soon began to work there helping others.

His arrest was mentioned in on the program’s Facebook page after a woman suggested his photo be removed.

‘No ma’am, we won’t be changing our picture! we are beyond thankful for the confession this man-made, God is in this story!’ the organization stated.

Crisp has been booked on a charge of manslaughter and remains in custody on a $150,000 bond.

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  1. This much I know – Jesus is able to bring a person back from the dead. The reason I know this, aside from many instances recorded in scripture, is my own personal testimony and the testimony of a close business associate. We were both spiritually dead – the walking dead! And both delivered from death, hell and the grave by our confession and belief in the risen Savior – Jesus Christ!
    In the early 1980’s we both were involved with an international drug smuggling operation – flying
    primarily marijuana from Mexico to a remote landing strip in New Mexico,USA. Physical death was always a heartbeat away and waiting for an opportunity to strike. To this day I thank God for the prayers of my grandmother that preserved my life,through the power of the Holy Spirit, til I could confess my sins and accept the saving grace of Jesus.
    So, the reason I am commenting here is to validate, in my humble opinion, the confession of James Crisp. Of course, he could be doing it to save his skin, but after 3 years and little evidence, I have to believe that his confession is genuine with little regard for his own physical life which, compared to eternity, is a tiny drop in the bucket. I do have compassion for Taylor’s family, which has undergone immense tradegy – but they also need salvation and likely, forgiveness. I have to offer praise to the King of Kings for my life and testimony. Thank you for reading this and may God bless you.

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