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Ja’Ceon Terry died July 17 of “positional asphyxia,” meaning his body position left him unable to breathe. It provided no further details other than that the child was pronounced dead at a hospital.


Ja’Ceon Terry was seven years old.


Investigators in Kentucky declared the death of a 7-year-old boy who died of “positional asphyxia” while in foster care a homicide.

According to a spokesman for the Louisville Metro Police, the investigation continues into Ja’Ceon Terry’s July 17 death. No one has been charged with a crime stemming from Ja’Ceon’s death.

The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office released the boy’s cause of death last week.

When he died, Ja’Ceon was under the care of workers at Brooklawn, a children’s treatment centre in Louisville.

Two employees at the centre for children with emotional or mental health needs have been fired after Ja’Ceon’s death.

Positional or postural asphyxiation occurs when someone’s position prevents them from breathing. Usually, it happens when the nose and mouth are blocked, or the chest cannot expand enough to take adequate breaths.

The police spokesman tells people the department “received the information from the coroner’s office.” and that “this case is still an ongoing investigation.”

He added: “Once we have gathered all of the facts related to this death, we will present them to the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office to determine how we will proceed.”

According to the Courier-Journal, Seven Counties Services, which operates Brooklawn, confirmed the firings, saying the agency was “completely devastated by the unspeakable loss of a child in our care.”

The statement adds that Ja’Ceon “should not have died on our watch. As protectors of Kentucky’s most vulnerable children, we are dedicated to ensuring it never happens again.”

Susan Dunlap, a spokeswoman for the state’s Cabinet for Heath and Family Services, also provided a statement to the paper, which assigns children within the foster care system to facilities like Brooklawn.

The cabinet said it “mourns the passing of any child or any person of any age in its care.”

“This sadness was deepened upon learning the results of the autopsy, identifying asphyxiation as the cause of death,” it concluded, adding that the cabinet has suspended placing children at Brooklawn for the time being.

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