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Holly Marie Clouse, whose whereabouts had been a mystery since her parents were found dead in Houston in 1981, was located in Oklahoma, state authorities announced.


Holly Marie Clouse is 40 years old.


According to First Assistant Attorney General Brent Webster, Holly Marie was dropped off at a Yuma, Ariz., church by two women who belonged to a nomadic religious group. The women were wearing white robes and were barefoot.

“They indicated the beliefs of their religion included the separation of male and female members,” Webster said at a Thursday afternoon press conference. “Practicing vegetarian habits and not using or wearing leather goods.”

The women indicated they had given up a baby before at a laundromat, Webster said.

According to Webster, the group was known for asking for food when they were seen in Yuma. He said the group traveled around Arizona, California, and possibly Texas.

“There were sightings of this religious group around the Yuma area in the early ’80s,” Webster said.

Holly Marie and her parents Tina, 17, and Harold Dean Clouse Jr., 21, disappeared in Texas in 1980. Remains of a murdered couple were found in a wooded area in Houston in 1981 but their identities were unknown at the time.

In late Dec 1980 or early Jan. 1981, the families of Tina and Dean received a phone call from someone identifying herself as Sister Susan, who explained she was calling from Los Angeles and wanted to return a car belonging to Tina and Dean to their family, Webster said.

“She further stated that Tina and Dean had joined their religious group and no longer wanted to have contact with their families,” said Webster. “They were also giving up all of their possessions,” he said, adding that Sister Susan had asked for money in exchange for the car.

The family met Sister Susan along with two other women and possibly one male at the Daytona International Speedway racetrack in Florida.

“Once again these women were wearing robes and appeared to be members of this religious group,” Webster said.

“We are asking for help from the public because we have yet to solve this particular crime,” said Webster. “We are still looking for suspects in this case.”

Webster said the family who raised Holly Marie are not suspects in the case.

The case went cold until 2021 when the remains of Tina and Harold were identified using genetic genealogy. However, what happened to Holly Marie remained a mystery.

According to Webster, the Texas Attorney General’s office started a cold case unit in March 2021 and took on the investigation in January 2022.
On Tuesday, law enforcement notified Holly Marie of the identities of her parents and her relatives. She spoke to her biological family members over a virtual conference call later that day, according to a news release from the Texas Attorney General’s office.
In the release, her biological paternal grandmother, Donna Casasanta, said she was located on the birthday of her slain son, calling the news “a birthday present from heaven.”

“After finally being able to reunite with Holly, I dreamed about her and my sister, Tina last night,” Holly’s aunt Sherry Linn Green said in the release. “In my dream, Tina was laying on the floor rolling around and laughing and playing with Holly like I saw them do many times before when they lived with me prior to moving to Texas. I believe Tina’s finally resting in peace knowing Holly is reuniting with her family. I personally am so relieved to know Holly is alive and well and was well cared for, but also torn up by it all. That baby was her life.”

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