Who is the Gary Cabana? Bio, Wiki, Suspect, Police Report

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Gary Cabana lives in New York City, New York. His last known address was a supportive housing residence in Midtown Manhattan, New York City operated by Breaking Ground, a nonprofit organization offering shelter for homeless and mentally ill individuals and those diagnosed with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.


Gary Cabana is 60 years old.


Gary Cabana accused of stabbing two staffers at the Museum of Modern Art in New York was arrested over in Philadelphia early Tuesday. Gary Cabana had set fire to a hotel room, according to the police. Gary Cabana With that in mind, it is unclear if he allegedly arrived at the museum planning to cause trouble, but whatever his intent, he is accused of stabbing a man and woman in the back, collarbone, and back of the neck. Officers described the victims as being in stable condition.

The Philadelphia police said security guards at a Greyhound Bus Terminal saw Cabana inside the station. Officers said they arrived to find the suspect sleeping on a bench. This was after he allegedly set a fire in two trash cans in a hotel room. He lit toilet paper and other paper products. There was substantial smoke damage throughout the room due to the fire,” An image of the male who rented the room was provided to police and distributed as a Patrol Alert. It was discovered that the male was probably near a train station or bus terminal as he was on his way to see a relative in Florida.”Friends said that Cabana lived with mental health challenges, which got worse during the pandemic, according to Gothamist. The Broadway-loving usher lost his job from theaters getting shut down.


However, friends also said the attack was out of character for Cabana. It wouldn’t have ever occurred to me that he might lash out,” said Tara Varney, who went to Missouri State University with him as a theater student.

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