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Feng Lu, responsible for an unthinkably gruesome tragedy in a quiet Cypress neighbourhood more than eight years ago, may have been found.


Feng Lu Is 58 years old.


Texas authorities have arrested a man they allege murdered a family of four execution-style in their home in 2014.

A statement from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office confirms Feng Lu, 58, was arrested in San Francisco on Sunday.

Officials took Lu into custody at the airport soon after he arrived on a plane from China. Lu remains in California, where he’s currently awaiting extradition to Texas.

Lu is charged with four counts of capital murder in connection with the deaths of the Sun family, who were found fatally shot on Jan. 30, 2014, inside their home in the Houston neighbourhood of Cypress.

Authorities have yet to reveal the evidence that has led them to believe Lu killed engineer Maoye Sun, his wife Mei Xie, and their two young children, Timothy, 9, and Titus, 7.

The killings made news both in the United States and in China.

No motive for the killings has been discussed, but authorities have confirmed Lu and Maoye Sun once worked together, KHOU reports.

Early on, there was some speculation the killings were a targeted hate crime. According to KHOU, Chinese reports on the massacre alleged the crime was connected to a high-ranking Chinese government official being investigated for corruption. Others theorized a professional hitman was hired to murder the family.

For years, local authorities criticized Houston’s Chinese American community, who felt police were not doing enough to solve the case.

Rogene Gee Calvert, the director of Outreach Strategies, who works on the Texas Asian American Redistricting Initiative, told people on Wednesday that “the community is just very gratified that the accused has been arrested.”

“It was a surprise — and a good surprise,” says Calvert, who says she was personally “shocked” to learn of Lu’s arrest. “We know law enforcement has its hands full, and this was never a cold case. There was enough there that they could stay on this person and be waiting for him when he arrived on American soil.”

Calvert says the community is patiently awaiting word on why this tragedy happened.

It was unclear how long Lu was in China or why he returned to the states.

Lu does not yet have a lawyer of record and will not be asked to enter pleas until he goes before a Texas judge following his extradition.

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