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Elliot Blair
Elliot Blair and Kim Williams

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The wife of a California public defender who died mysteriously in January at a Mexican resort believes her husband was murdered.


Elliot Blair was 33 years old.


“Someone did this to him,” Kim Williams told Good Morning America Thursday. “I just know it’s not an accident. I know he didn’t fall. I just know that.”

Williams’ husband Elliot Blair, 33, died in the early morning hours of Jan. 14 at the luxury Las Rocas Resort and Spa in the coastal city of Rosarito, Mexico. He and Williams were there to celebrate their one-year anniversary.

Mexican authorities have labeled his death an “unfortunate accident” from a fall off a balcony at the resort. Authorities also said he had a “considerable” amount of alcohol in his system, ABC News reported.

But Williams and family attorney Case Barnett believe foul play was involved.

“It’s the physical evidence we’ve been able to obtain, the autopsy,” Barnett told GMA. “The autopsy confirms that he, Elliot Blair, was murdered that night.”

Williams said they went out for dinner earlier that night and got pulled over by the local police on their way back to the resort. Williams said the police claimed they drove through a stop sign, and then shook them down for money.

“We’ve never been pulled over before,” Williams said. “We were both rattled, but at the same time we both had this feeling of thank God they didn’t do anything more to us.”

They later spent time dancing at the resort bar before going back to their room around midnight.

She said she fell asleep and was awakened by the security guard and hotel manager. They told her that her husband was on the ground outside the hotel room.

Williams said Blair wasn’t highly intoxicated that night — she said he had five or six drinks over a six-hour period — and wouldn’t have just fallen off the balcony.

“I want to do everything we can to figure out what happened in that 45-minute, hour time span,” she said. “Because that’s what Elliot deserves. And that’s the hardest part for me, is not knowing.”

“I don’t want him to be forgotten,” she said. “I want the world to know who my Elliot is. I want people to know he’s not some drunk that stumbled off the front ledge of our hotel room.”

“That’s one of the only things keeping me going right now — is the idea of doing this for him, for honoring his name,” she added.