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Ellen Greenberg
Ellen Greenberg

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Ellen Greenberg Philadelphia teacher was “excited” about life, her new job, and her upcoming wedding when she was found dead under horrible circumstances in 2011.


Ellen Greenberg was 27 years old.


In 2011, beloved teacher Ellen Greenberg was found dead in her Philadelphia apartment from more than 20 stab wounds when she was 27 years old. Her death was ruled a suicide — but her family never believed that was true. A close friend said she in no way thinks the 27-year-old could have killed herself.

The district attorney’s office in neighboring Chester County has announced it will review the case after the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office referred it back to that office.

In July, the AG’s office released a statement saying it could no longer review a case because of an unspecified “appearance of a conflict” of interest. The Chester County District Attorney’s Office subsequently announced an investigator and a prosecutor were reviewing the case.

In early 2011, Greenberg’s fiancé Sam Goldberg returned to their shared residence in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia from the gym. Still, he couldn’t get inside the apartment because the swing bar lock was in your use from the inside. Eventually, he forced himself inside and discovered Greenberg in the home’s kitchen, with a 10-inch knife in her chest and more than 20 stabs won, ds to her chest, abdomen, head, and neck, according to the investigation report.
Her death has initially ruled a homicide, but later, the manner was changed to a suicide. Police have said that investigators only found Greenberg’s DNA on the knife and her clothes, and there were no signs of foul play.

For over a decade, Greenberg’s family has fought to get her manner of death changed back to either homicide or undetermined.

“It is no surprise that the Greenbergs were greatly dissatisfied with the AG’s handling of their daughter’s matter,” Attorney Joseph Podraza, Jr., who represents the Greenberg family, said in a statement to PEOPLE. “They are hopeful the investigation by the Chester County DA will be thorough and objective. They will cooperate and provide whatever assurance they can to the Chester County DA if and when requested. They are hopeful for justice for Ellen.”

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office statement from July ends with a message to Greenberg’s family:

“We wish Ellen’s family nothing, but the best, and our office regrets that, despite our extensive work, our additional efforts have not brought more closure to the questions around her death.”