Who was Doski Azad? Bio, Wiki, Murder, Suspect, Police Report

Doski Azad bio-Doski Azad wiki

Doski Azad was a talented makeup artist and she went to brides’ homes to prepare them for weddings and built a reputation that earned her a job at a salon in Duhok.


Doski Azad was 23 years old.


The Kurdish woman Doski Azad was shot dead by her brother last month because her brother and other family members were not agreed with her job. She was living in hiding from her family after repeated death threats. Azad had to move home regularly after several death threats by her family male members. Three weeks ago, her dead body was found dumped in a ditch in the Kurdistan region. Her hands had been tied with a wire and she had been shot twice. Police have issued a warrant for her brother, who is believed to have travelled from his home in Germany to carry out the killing of his sister.


A close friend of Doski Azad said” she supported herself since her family turned its back on her when she was a young teenager. She was such a nice person, and everyone loved her so much. She lived alone because when she went to back her family home, they said to Doski, ‘Get out. “They said, ‘When we see you alone, we will kill you. She was attempts had been made on her life before. transgender women.

According to the police, Azad was killed by one of her brothers in what was described as an “honour killing”.Police were called to the village by another of Azad’s brothers. she was killed by her brother at a location just outside the city before he managed to flee the crime scene, The killer was already returned to Germany.

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