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Delika White Lezama
Delika White Lezama

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Delika White Lezama a British girl who went missing in Trinidad while on a trip to the corner, the shop has been found safe and well almost three weeks later.


Delika White Lezama is 13 years old.


Delika White Lezama, of Greenford, London, disappeared while on a visit with her mother and brother to the Caribbean on December 17.

Desperate relatives unsuccessfully searched for days and tried to contact her by phone, leaving them fearing for her safety.

The teenager had been last seen on a back road after going to a corner shop to buy a SIM card for her phone, near her grandmother’s house in Sangre Grande town at around 4 pm.

A police investigation into her disappearance remains ongoing. The circumstances under which she vanished are still unknown.

Speaking from the Southern Caribbean island Captain Vallance Rambharat, who was leading the search for Hunters Search and Rescue Team, said: “Delika White Lezama has been safely located at 5.15 pm this evening.

‘After weeks of hard work by her family, the anti-Kidnapping unit of the Trinidad police, the Sangre Grande police officers, and the Hunters Search and Rescue team, it has paid off. She has been found. The matter is still receiving the attention of the TTPS [Trinidad and Tobago Police Service].’

Relative Melonie Brown shared her relief that Delika had been found to her friends and family online: ‘FOUND and home safe. God is good I appreciate all your support and the spread of awareness. We as a family are truly grateful.’

Delika’s aunt also thanked everyone who had helped raise awareness about her niece: ‘I appreciate all the help from Facebook friends and family in spreading awareness and we are truly grateful for all the help thank you all.

‘My niece is home safely thank Jehovah.’

According to The Mirror, Delika’s family desperately began searching for her after realizing she had not come home ten minutes later but were unable to locate her.

Police officers from the local force’s anti-kidnapping unit joined the search whose family has been receiving support from the UK foreign office.

A local search and rescue group, Hunter Search and Rescue Team, confirmed late on Friday that Delika had been found and reunited with her family.

The happy scenes took place at 5.15 pm local time – 9.15 pm UK time – 20 days after she first vanished.

They had shared a renewed appeal just hours before finding the teen, asking for the public’s help and saying they had been searching for her ‘non-stop’.

Photos posted by the team showed the moment that her mother saw her again at Delika’s grandmother’s house.

Hunters Search and Rescue Team said: ‘Weeks of hard work by her family, the Anti Kidnapping Unit, the Sangre Grande Police, and Hunters Search and Rescue Team has just paid off.’

Delika’s family had made repeated appeals to find her on social media, saying they are ‘beyond desperate’.

Delika’s aunt, Melanie Moore, told The Mirror she hoped Delika had ‘run away’ adding: ‘Otherwise it’s not going to be good.’

Ms. Moore said Delika’s mother, Delia White, is ‘looking everywhere she can’, and is deeply upset.

She added: ‘I’m just praying for her safe return. A lot of time has passed in between, which is not a great thing for anybody.

‘At this point, I’m hoping that she’s run away and will come back before her plane ticket runs out. That’s the best-case scenario. Otherwise, it’s not going to be good.’

Ms. Moore said she and other relatives had repeatedly sent messages and tried to call Delika’s phone, but despite being delivered it appears she has not read any of them.

Her aunt began messaging her at midnight after she disappeared.

She added Delika’s mother is ‘very protective over her children’, especially when on holiday, saying: ‘It’s not like she goes out and does many things on her own.’

Delika’s mother, Delia White, told the paper: ‘She didn’t seem upset or angry when she left – there was nothing that would have made her run away.

‘I can’t think of anyone who could abduct her in particular, but everyone knows us, the whole community knows us, and I come and go from the UK to see my mum all the time.

‘My seven-year-old son is here as well, and I’m just trying to stay strong for him. At the moment I don’t have the energy even just to say how I’m feeling.’

Ms. White said the family began a manic search when her daughter failed to return home.

She said that CCTV cameras in the area were not working, making it harder to locate her daughter.

After darkness fell, Ms. White said: ‘I started to get worried as she doesn’t know the area, she doesn’t really speak the language, so I’m thinking anyone could have seen her or any driver could have picked her up.