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A man who was trying to cycle around 8 p.m. on Friday in Fort Smith when he was trying to cross the street he struck by an unknown vehicle he was dead on spot. The next morning, a passer-by reported finding part of the victim’s leg near where the accident occurred.


Christopher West was 57 years old.

Incident Report:

Police said we had enough on the cc tv footage to locate the truck, there they were able to start pulling surveillance from the area and start the evidence-based trail that led to finding, and from there we found the individual in the bed of the truck under a sheet and he was deceased,” Mitchell said. Authorities speculate that Jones hit West with such force that the cyclist was thrown into the back of the truck and minus part of his leg. Jones the vehicle driver told police he didn’t realize the body was there until some time later.

He was unaware there was a body in his truck. which was found in the yard of a relative’s home.
Mitchell said the reconstruction team believes the impact from the bicycle being struck vaulted West into the bed of the truck.

ones confessed to the hit and run and said he didn’t immediately realize West was in the back of his truck. He claimed to have not realized until he arrived at his destination but confessed to having hit the Christopher West,”

He loved riding his bicycle,” West’s son-in-law, Stuart Wood, told 40/29 News. “He was a really good man. If he saw anybody needing help, he would stop and help them, he would volunteer and help do yard work, all kinds of stuff.”He should have just stopped,” “Panicking or not, you should have stopped.”

Jones is being held in Sebastian County Adult Detention Center on a $50,000 cash bond.

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