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Christopher Andrighetti, an Alabama father, allegedly beat his 14-year-old daughter after the teen girl revealed a potential affair the enraged dad was having. According to a local sheriff’s office.


Christopher Andrighetti is 39 years old.


An Alabama man has been arrested after he beat his 14-year-old daughter for revealing his affair to her mother.

According to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office deputies, the teen escaped after the beating and ran to a neighbor’s house for help, who found 39-year-old Christopher Andrighetti hiding in a bedroom closet and “covered in blood from blood from self-inflicted lacerations to the arms and waist.”

The teen was “covered in obvious injuries ” and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The girl told authorities she had found a secret social media account owned by her father; from it, she suspected he was having an affair. She told her mother about what she’d seen, and when her father found out, he began beating her with his fists, a shower curtain rod, and a piece of wood. He shoved her to the floor, slapped her, and threw several items — including glass bottles — at her.

When Andrighetti told her to clean up his mess, she went to get trash bags and noticed the front door open, so she ran to the neighbors for help.

Deputies said that when they arrived at the mobile home just outside Russellville, they found broken beer bottles, items that had been cut up, a broken Nintendo Switch, and blood droplets outside.

After making forced entry, the deputies “found the home in disarray.”

“The TV had been destroyed, laptops crushed and ripped apart, kitchen items scattered all over the place, children’s bedroom furniture thrown around, and clothes everywhere,” the sheriff’s office said.

After taking Andrighetti into custody, the deputies searched the home for two other children. One was found in another closet in another bedroom. Deputies said they also found the other child but did not say where.

Andrighetti has been charged with domestic violence/assault, child abuse, and domestic violence/criminal mischief 1st. He’s being held at the Franklin County Detention Center while awaiting a bond hearing.