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Chanler McCloud
Chanler McCloud

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A Las Vegas, Nevada, man Chanler McCloud is in custody after allegedly committing a carjacking and killing a man on New Year’s Day, trying to burn the vehicle and pouring urine and feces inside to cover up and mask his DNA, according to reports.


Chanler McCloud is 25 years old.


FOX 5 Las Vegas reported that at about 1:30 a.m. on Jan. 1, officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded to the Play It Again Sam’s Gentlemen’s Club after Roy Kridler, 62, said he was carjacked.

When officers arrived, Kridler said a man pulled him out of his car, causing him to hit his head on the pavement.

The man who pulled Kridler out of the vehicle was later identified as Chanler McCloud.

Kridler reportedly chased after McCloud, who allegedly pulled out a knife before driving away.

When police spoke to Kridler, he wanted to sit down because his head hurt. He later went unconscious and was transported to a nearby hospital where he died at 2:35 a.m.

The police report noted that Kridler died of acute coronary artery thrombosis.

Prior to the incident on Jan. 1, McCloud was arrested on Dec. 23 for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, though he was released from custody after the charge was dismissed.

The morning after the alleged carjacking, the stolen vehicle was located in town on a traffic camera with McCloud in the vehicle, though when police arrived on the scene, he was gone.

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Then on Jan. 10, police found the vehicle on Valley View Boulevard, and it showed signs that McCloud set it on fire to try and destroy the evidence.

FOX 5 said police were able to collect DNA evidence from the vehicle.

Nearly two months later, McCloud was located and stopped for a bicycle violation and taken into custody on March 9.

Police said McCloud confessed to killing Kridler after he was read his Miranda Rights.

According to the report, McCloud won money gambling and accepted a ride to a spa in Chinatown from Kridler.

McCloud allegedly got angry when Kridler pulled over at Play It Again Sam’s instead of the Hustler’s Club, where he wanted to be dropped out.

It was not clear to police why Kridler was giving McCloud a ride.

“McCloud admitted he used his left hand to shove Kridler hard enough to push him away from the vehicle, that Kridler fell as a result, and McCloud drove away,” police said.

As for why he set the vehicle on fire, police said McCloud drove around but could not find bleach to destroy his DNA. Instead, he used a candle to burn the seat before pouring urine and feces to hide and mask the DNA.

McCloud was charged with murder, robbery, destruction of evidence, and grand larceny. He was held without bond and is expected back in court on March 27.

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